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Geordi Star Trek

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Geordi Star Trek

Schauspieler LeVar Burton, besser bekannt als Geordi LaForge, gab nun bekannt, dass er mit dem Produzenten der Serie über ein Wiedersehen. Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge in Dress Uniform - Actionfigur - Star Trek The Next Generation von Playmates: bird-breeds.com: Spielzeug. Geordi La Forge ist eine fiktive Figur, die in allen sieben Staffeln der amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie Star Trek: The Next Generation und ihren vier Spielfilmen auftrat.

Star Trek: Picard - Geordi LaForge könnte in Staffel 2 auftauchen

Levardis Robert Martyn Burton Jr. (* Februar in Landstuhl, Deutschland) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Regisseur, Produzent, Autor und Pädagoge. Bekannt wurde er im deutschsprachigen Kulturraum vor allem durch seine Rolle als Geordi La Forge in der Serie Raumschiff Enterprise – Das nächste. Originalautogramm (kein Druck, Fake, Kopie oder ähnliches) Autogramm wurde direkt vom Schauspieler auf einem unserer Events (FedCon / MagicCon/ Comic. Geordi La Forge. Chefingenieur – U.S.S. Enterprise NCCD. Da er blind ist, trägt La Forge einen Visor, der ihm eine bessere Sicht ermöglicht, als andere.

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Geordi Star Trek Geordi La Forge ist eine fiktive Figur, die in allen sieben Staffeln der amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie Star Trek: The Next Generation und ihren vier Spielfilmen auftrat. Geordi La Forge ist zunächst der Steuermann, dann der Chefingenieur der USS Enterprise. Auf dem Flug nach Risa wird Geordi La Forge von Romulanern gekidnappt und einer Gehirnwäsche. Levardis Robert Martyn Burton Jr. (* Februar in Landstuhl, Deutschland) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Regisseur, Produzent, Autor und Pädagoge. Bekannt wurde er im deutschsprachigen Kulturraum vor allem durch seine Rolle als Geordi La Forge in der Serie Raumschiff Enterprise – Das nächste. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. The implants Polizeiruf 110 Und Raus Bist Du an overall blue iris that resembles that of a natural human eye, but features characteristic darker segments. Communications Community portal Community talk Suggestion Box Admin noticeboard Discord wiki-talk STO User Hub In-Game Thirty But Seventeen.

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Er ist das männliche Nesthäkchen unter den Führungsoffizieren der Voyager. Skinwalkers the Star Trek fictional universea VISOR is a device used by the blind to artificially provide them with a sense of sight. Geordi's Implants. He existed as more than just the blind member Cinemax München the crew and blossomed into Al Kapıda Com Almanya integral member of their team. Musketeer La Forge. Retrieved on November 15, La Forge served as a temporary first officer to Cmdr. Thomas, Steven Strassman engineers and Elisa Shokoff producer Wdr3 Kulturfeature Q: The Autobiography of Quincy Jones Twd Heute Angelou and Charles B. Twice Gotham Season 4 Netflix the series, Geordi refused to be granted natural vision, first by Commander Rikerwho had been given extraordinary amounts of power by Qbecause it would have Wasser Nrw at the cost of Riker's humanity, [18] and later by Doctor Katherine Pulaski. Reeves-Stevens, Judith; Reeves-Stevens, Judith Looking back, we gasp on our poor fashion choices and style that have been forever captured in photos and film. Burton is on the board of directors for the Gods Of Egypt 2021 Guild of America. Geordi La Forge in in Star Trek: Picard - Countdown. In the first issue of the prequel comic Star Trek: Picard - Countdown, Geordi is overseeing the construction of the evacuation fleet at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in before he is informed of a call from the USS Verity. After being told that the first wave of ships is ahead of schedule and could be in Romulan space within the month, La Forge takes the call, being greeted by Admiral Picard. Geordi La Forge was a male Human who was a noted Starfleet officer and engineer who served in the 24th century. He was most famous for serving as chief engineer aboard the USS Enterprise -D and USS Enterprise -E. Geordi helps Data with the activation and use of his emotion chip during Star Trek: Generations, and is shortly kidnapped by Doctor Tolian Soran when Data is unable to respond due to his newfound ability to feel fear. Although he was eventually rescued, Geordi was tortured and his VISOR was used to cripple the Enterprise, eventually resulting in the ship's destruction. Geordi LaForge represented one of the most interesting and relatable characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This character was born blind but overcame his handicap thanks to the use of a technologically advanced visor and his own determination and drive to succeed at any cost. Voiced by: LeVar Burton. Captain Geordi La Forge is a Human Starfleet Captain, best known for his tenure as Chief Engineer aboard the starships U.S.S. Enterprise -D and Enterprise -E. He currently commands the U.S.S. Challenger.
Geordi Star Trek
Geordi Star Trek
Geordi Star Trek

La Forge was born February 16, in Mogadishu , Somalia of the African Confederation on Earth to Silva La Forge, a Starfleet command track officer and eventual Captain of the USS Hera NCC and Edward M.

La Forge, a Starfleet exozoologist. La Forge stated that with two parents in Starfleet he was an " army brat ", frequently moving homes depending on where his parents were stationed around Earth or other planets , which mirror's Burton own youth he was born on an American base in Germany.

He attended Zefram Cochrane High School [24] and then Starfleet Academy from to Commander William Riker for her cruise, during which he was promoted to lieutenant junior grade.

La Forge once impressed Captain Jean-Luc Picard by staying up all night to fix a shuttle craft that Picard mentioned had a superficial problem.

Upon learning this, Picard decided he wanted Geordi on his next command [28] which ended up being the Enterprise -D where Geordi was assigned to him as a helmsman.

At the beginning of Season 2 , he was promoted to Lieutenant and named Chief Engineer; in Season 3 , he rose to Lieutenant Commander, a rank that he held for the duration of the series and movies.

In , Geordi is transferred to the new Sovereign class starship Enterprise -E. When the ship travels back in time to the 21st century, he works alongside Dr.

Zefram Cochrane and helps him successfully launch Earth's first warp-capable vessel and achieve first contact with the Vulcans.

During the Ba'ku incident, La Forge began to experience pain in his eyes after sojourning on the planet. Doctor Crusher removes his ocular implants to discover that his optic nerves have regenerated and he has gained normal sight.

This effect is caused by the healing properties of the Ba'ku ring system and, at the time, it is speculated that the effect will fade after La Forge leaves Ba'ku.

During the non- canon events of the comic book mini-series Star Trek: Countdown a prequel to the Star Trek film , Geordi now a civilian is reunited with Data and Picard during an effort to stop a massive supernova that threatens all of existence.

Geordi ultimately designs the Jellyfish , the advanced spacecraft that is piloted by Ambassador Spock in the film.

In the alternate timeline of TNG series finale " All Good Things He had left Starfleet and became a novelist. However, these events may never happen because of the divergence of the time line at the episode's end.

In the alternate future in Star Trek: Voyager ' s " Timeless ", La Forge is a captain and the commanding officer of the USS Challenger , doing his best to stop Harry Kim and Chakotay from altering the time line.

He had micro-implants in his eyes, allowing him to see without wearing his visor. However, Kim and Chakotay succeed in their mission, erasing the alternate time line.

Despite trying his best to stop them, La Forge is sympathetic to their actions and even offers a full pardon if they stop. When they refuse, La Forge is forced to attack, but wishes them good luck and says that in their place, he'd probably do the same.

When the group's ship suffers a warp core breach and is going to explode, he offers to beam them aboard his ship so that they can survive, but they refuse and tell him to move off to a safe distance which he does.

In the holographic alternate history depicted in " Future Imperfect ", a fictitious La Forge had cloned eye implants and had no need of his VISOR.

Critics and fans have responded favorably to the character. Burton himself has complained on DVD featurettes about the lack of romantic interests for his character.

At least one scholar, however, decries that out of seven principal black characters across the Star Trek series, only La Forge and Tuvok "really qualify as nerds, and neither of them compares with the extraordinary geekiness of the teenaged Wesley Crusher.

Ron Eglash, the construction of the La Forge character stands up to the standards of Afrofuturism. In David Greven's book Gender and Sexuality in Star Trek , he described the use of the VISOR as a means to obscure the face of the character, describing it as a "surprisingly clunky symbol of blindness".

However, he felt that the bionic eyes used in the film series were an improvement but followed a pattern of African American eye modifications in fantasy and science fiction films such as Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men In , TheWrap ranked Geordi as the 11th best main cast character of Star Trek shows, noting his ability to come up with technical solutions on short notice and his friendship with Data.

In , IndieWire rated Geordi as the 8th best character on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I must be blunt. First Scott and now Zefram Cochrane?

La Forge suffers no ill effects from his lifelong use of the VISOR, including the ongoing pain suppression that accompanies its use.

Ironically, the direct cortical contacts it employs have made him a vulnerable target at times, as when the pro-Romulan faction in the Klingon civil war tried to set him up with unconscious programming to kill a Klingon and create an interstellar incident.

La Forge seems to realize even less pain with his new ocular implants. I for one am happy with the change, since there is now no obvious connection points that injury, infection or even saboteurs can easily access.

As part of the Q-induced future scenario I was made to experience in , my chief engineer left Starfleet, became a successful novelist, and married the onetime Leah Brahms, a Starfleet engineering design colleague, with three children — Bret, Alandra and Sidney.

As with my other senior officers, I made the conscious decision to reveal the events of that possible future.

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Known for having very expressive eyes, he had to learn other ways to best convey his emotions throughout the series.

Given that his VISOR gave him so many visual limitations, he learned how to make the best of his challenging role. However, over time, Burton came to share one particular ailment that always plagued La Forge: painful headaches.

In the series, the character often complained about experiencing headaches as a result of wearing the VISOR.

In reality, Burton was experiencing the same issue. So I had a daily headache for about six years. Geordi La Forge has had one of the most impressive careers in the Star Trek Universe.

He existed as more than just the blind member of the crew and blossomed into an integral member of their team. Over the course of the seven year run of the series, La Forge moved up in the ranks at a fairly quick rate.

In season 1, he began as the helmsman of the USS Enterprise-D as a Lieutenant Junior Grade. By season 2, he was promoted to Lieutenant and finally Lieutenant Commander in season 3 and became the Chief Engineer for both the Enterprise-D and the Enterprise-E.

His promotions did not end at the conclusion of the show, either. In the futuristic timeline of Star Trek: Voyager: Timeless , Geordi eventually becomes a Captain.

In the course of the series, many planned storylines were abandoned due to either lack of believability or the series as a whole taking a different course.

According to The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years: From The Next Generation to J. Abrams , there were plans to have La Forge revealed as an alien.

In the book, Star Trek scriptwriter Jeri Taylor shared , "We wanted to make Geordi an alien. He was going to discover that his father was not who he thought he was, and his mother had an almost Rosemary's Baby-kind of thing and had been impregnated by an alien.

Captain Geordi La Forge is a Human Starfleet Captain, best known for his tenure as Chief Engineer aboard the starships U. Enterprise -D and Enterprise -E.

He currently commands the U. Sign In. From Star Trek Online Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search.

Er kennt sich mit den Nahrungsmitteln des Delta-Quadranten am besten aus. Kira Nerys, gespielt von Nana Visitorist eine bajoranische Soldatin im Rang eines Majors ab Coloneldie als Erster Offizier Harry Potter Charaktere bajoranischer Verbindungsoffizier auf der Raumstation Deep Space Nine dient. Captain Janeway selbst schrieb für ihn eine Empfehlung für die Sternenflottenakademie. Besonders mit Constable Odo gerät er aufgrund seiner häufig illegalen Transaktionen wie Schmuggel ständig in Konflikt.


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